The Organizing Committee Tracer 2019:
Tracing Methods and Technics, Hydrodynamics Modeling and Simulation

The conference focuses on hydrodynamics studies using tracing methods: development and fundamental researches in interpretation of tracings, residence time distribution (RTD), systemic modeling and newer approaches such as

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD with or without reactions) and Compartmental modeling. The conference is also open to presentations about new technical features concerning tracers, methods, devices, and applications.

The conference is not limited to a scientific field, but is open to every kind of applications of tracing in industry, science, medicine, etc., from very large scale to microscopic scale.

The conference is also open to innovation and breakthrough applications of tracing in new industrial and scientific fields.

More information available on the official website of the conference: 


Important deadlines

- Opening of the on-line abstract submission: June 2018

- Opening of the on-line registration: 1 September 2018

- Deadline for abstracts submission: Latest postponement to November 12, 2018

- Deadline to register at early bird fees: 15 January 2019

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